University Place Vikings Lacrosse Club - UPLC

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All boys are required to wear full protective gear while playing lacrosse.  Even though injury rates for lacrosse are not unusually high, lacrosse is a contact sport.  All players must wear the following items in order to participate in ANY practices, games or evaluations:
Lacrosse Helmet (white color recommended)
Lacrosse Gloves
Elbow Pads
Shoulder Pads/Chest Protector
Lacrosse Stick (Warrior Warp series is great for beginners.  The fabricated mesh is consistent and encourages good form.)
Cleats (football or soccer style – no metal cleats)
Mouth guard
Protective cup
It is recommended that all Middle School players have two sticks.  Both should be broken in to play, but one will serve as a backup in the event of broken stringing or a broken shaft during practice or a game. 

It is also recommended that all players purchase sticks with a MESH pocket (ex. Warrior Warp series) rather than a traditional pocket.  Mesh breaks in much faster and is easier to maintain for beginners.  The most expensive stick is not necessarily the best stick for a beginner.  These tend to be better suited to the skills of an advanced player.
ALL players should have two mouth guards.  Please form both and have with you at all times in case you lose one.  Players will not be allowed to play without a mouthguard.

It is recommended to get an equipment bag and keep a roll of standard athletic tape in it.

Get a couple of lax balls so you can practice at home (NOT INDOORS!).

DO NOT purchase equipment to play defense or goalie positions unless you have spoken to your coach.

  • Goalie Equipment is issued to the goalies by the club and returned at the end of the season.
  • It should be noted that Defensive long sticks are not allowed at the lower youth 3/4 grade level.  Players must be experienced and capable of handling a long stick.  It is more important to successfully master your footwork and stick skills at the youth level without a long pole in order to be a successful defender in High School & College.    However, depending on the athlete's skill and size, exceptions may be made at the 5th & 6th grade level.  Please discuss with the 5/6 Boys Program Coordinator prior to purchasing a defensive long stick.


Where do I get my equipment? has all equipment required to play lacrosse and they occasionally offer discounts to UPLC players.  UPLC will announce an equipment fitting day to occur at the end of Fall Lacrosse, and will have fitting at our Orientation day in January.  Also, Dick's Sporting Goods in Tacoma has a good variety of equipment.


LACROSSE SEASON:  The lacrosse season starts practices in May for grades 3-8 and ends in May.  Games schedules are announced in early February.

  • Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade lacrosse typically starts in March.  This program has the goal of introducing lacrosse to kids and developing skills in a fun environment.  We do not require protective equipment (a mouth guard is recommended).  We use competitve drills and some games to teach.  We use a soft lacrosse ball and no contact rules to make the games safe and enjoyable to everyone.  There are usually around 8 sessions on Saturday mornings, each session is 1 hour long.  We do our best to keep the costs low and the fun high!
  • 3rd and 4th grade - Practices are 2 days a week.  (The days are typically Tuesday and Thursday but can be adjusted to fit the coach's schedule.)  Games are played on Saturdays.  At 3rd and 4th grades we stress skill development over winning.  However, a if a game is close at the end a coach may play the players needed to win the game.
  • 5th-8th grade - Practices are 3 days a week.  (The days are typically Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday but can be adjusted to fit the coach's schedule.)  Games are played on Saturdays.  For grades 5-8 we aim to offer a great sports experience for everyone.  We will have a developmental team that stresses skill development and a competitive team that is designed for players who have gained an appropriate level of mastery of lacrosse.  Please see our General Information Tab under Boys Info.

Please note that at the coach’s discretion, some teams may choose to participate in additional tournaments between April and July.  In addition, OPTIONAL indoor practices may occur prior to February.  Additional lacrosse tournaments are not included in the University Place Lacrosse Club registration fees (however, please note that these additional fees are typically not that expensive).

There are typically 10 games per season for ages 3rd-8th grades.  The season is concluded with an end of the year South Sound League tournament that spans a Saturday and Sunday.