University Place Vikings Lacrosse Club - UPLC

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Lacrosse is an exciting and fun sport. It is also an expensive sport. UPLC would like to make it more accessible to kids by offering scholarships to lessen the cost for those who could use some assistance.

The money for scholarships in our program comes from corporate sponsors or funds raised through UPLC events. These resources ebb and flow each year and dictate how much we have to give. The Treasurer will keep track of how much money is available for scholarship distribution.

Money can be given to UPLC players for several reasons such as…

- Regular season registration fees

- Equipment purchases

- UPLC Clinics and camps

- Other clinics and camps

- Area select team fees

UPLC places a high priority on school and we aim to reward those who work hard in the classroom first. A player is eligible to apply for a scholarship if they currently have at least 2’s on a report card in elementary school or at least a 2.50 G.P.A. in middle school or junior high school.

A player can apply for a scholarship by completing a scholarship application and emailing it to The scholarship application will be reviewed by the UPLC president and/or Vice President, and either the Boys or Girls Director.

For those who receive scholarships, we ask you to have fun, work hard, and enjoy yourselves. For those who have received a scholarship in the past and are receiving another scholarship, UPLC asks players to “pay it forward” by volunteering. Volunteering could include: helping set up and tear down field equipment, helping at the concession stand, working the scoring/timing table, and/or coaching.

Thank you in advance for being good students and for working hard to make your team and the University Place Lacrosse Club better!  

You can find the Scholarship Application Form under the Club Info header on the main webpage. Then navigate to Club Policies, and then UPLC Meeting Minutes & Club Documents sub category.