University Place Vikings Lacrosse Club - UPLC

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The best way to get information regarding 2018 Curtis High School Boys Lacrosse is to select the "Teams" tab from the top horizontal bar.  Scroll over "Choose a Team", then select "2018 Boys Varsity".  The 2018 Boys Varsity page will be the official page for Curtis High School Boys Lacrosse.  The 2018 Boys Varsity page will provide up to date information regarding practice schedules, game schedules, events, fundraising, and our Booster Club .  The 2018 Boys JV tab will be utilized to push out team specific information once the team rosters have been decided. 

There are two ways to view the 2018 Boys Lacrosse calendar.

1- Scroll over the "Teams" tab on the horizontal bar at the top of the home page.  Then scroll over "Choose a team", click on the "2018 Boys Varsity" tab.  The schedule will be on the right side of the screen.  Click on the "Full" tab to bring up the schedule in full view.  Click on the "Calendar" tab (next to the schedule tab) to view the schedule on a calendar. 

Also, Scroll over the "Teams" tab on the horizontal bar at the top of the home page.  Then scroll down and click on the "Schedule" tab.  Most likely the practice schedule will pop up.  If not, select the "2018 Boys Varsity" tab from the drop down menu. 

2- Scroll over the "Curtis High School lacrosse" tab on the Horizontal Tabs, scroll over "2018 Boys HS" tab, then click on "Game/Practice Schedule".  This tab will only show the schedule one week at a time.  It does have the option to choose which week to view, but does not have a calendar view.  To view the calendar view, review option one from above.